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An entrepreneur with experience developing startups. I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them get off the ground and introduced to new customers.

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I work with businesses around the world to increase revenues and market share. My experiences provide a unique perspective on business and technology.

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Follow my personal blog to see a collection of articles I have authored around the web about companies I work with, my travels and my opinions on technology.

About Adam Parks

Headquartered in South Florida, Adam Parks are a strategic investor and entrepreneur focused on creating digital solutions for business management.

Adam Parks is an entrepreneur focused on designing and developing technology in niche markets to improve operations, marketing and compliance. For the past 10 years I have been focused on creating business systems and processes to digitize business operations in the accounts receivable management industry. Adam Parks is a frequent speaker for DBA International presenting at conferences, in their print magazine and even webinars used for certification credits.

Currently focused on the continued growth of digital marketing firm, Branding Arc and the launch of a new venture ComplyARM. ComplyARM develops policies and procedures, compliance management systems and provides auditing services for clients in the accounts receivable management industry.


My Blog & Articles

My First 2 Weeks with Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch was first announced at the WWDC Keynote in 2014, it looked like the world was taking a major leap in wearable technology that actually worked. I had seen some of the Android products that had been released, but they seemed to come and go without... read more

Creating Promo Videos for YouTube

YouTube is a powerful business tool for sharing your promotional videos. YouTube is a great platform for capturing more of your companies search engine results real estate and get your video/audio message communicated online. Planning Your YouTube Video When you... read more

Stingray Macro Close with GoPro

We often come across stingrays while diving at night under the Blue Heron Bridge and last weeks dive was no exception. While trying out some new underwater macro photography equipment, I came across a baby yellow spotted stingray that was still enough to try and get... read more